ChatGPT and AI snapshot

Ernests Stals / December 06, 2022
 10 min read

Photo: The Alchemist, David Rijckaert III Antwerp, 1661

The tsunami of 'GPTChat' couldn't be missed. Swept through internet and it probably will change the way we consume information forever.This is a great opportunity to make an AI snapshot. Where we are and what could be next directions.

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4 early stage startup principles

Ernests Stals / September 14, 2022
 7 min read

Photo: The storyteller & boys. Franz Von Defregger

There are certain principles which have stood the test of time and can be used by anyone who wants to build something new!

Raising money. Part 5 - 50 shades of VC No

Ernests Stals / September 06, 2022
 12 min read

Photo: Rejection, William Bromley (1868)

VCs are in No saying business. They will make a couple of dozen investments over 5 year period. There will be a lot of No's along the way. You can learn a lot from them!

Raising money. Part 4 - Questions to ask VC's

Ernests Stals / August 30, 2022
 7 min read

Photo: Édouard BISSON Question to the Cards 1889

When it comes to talking with VCs, most of the advice out there is from a VC perspective. This is how you talk, this is what you present, this is what you don't do. But raising capital is not a one-way street. You, as a startup, are about to get into a relationship and there are questions you should ask VCs to learn more about your to-be partner for the next 10 years.

Raising money. Part 3 - Short story about the pitch

Ernests Stals / August 22, 2022
 11 min read

Photo: Cornelis de Man, 'An interior with a seller of curiosities'

Pitch is a short story with the aim to continue the conversation. It is not the full story with all the nitty-gritty details. Your goal is to get listeners excited and desire to continue the conversation.

Raising money. Part 2 - Reaching out to VCs

Ernests Stals / August 16, 2022
 6 min read

Photo: Man writing a letter

You have got an idea, an MVP and the time has come to get some boost with outside capital. Where to start?

Raising money. Part 1 - How VC's work

Ernests Stals / August 09, 2022
 9 min read

Photo: The Money Changer and His Wife

If you are a startup who wants to raise capital, you have to understand how venture capital works!

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